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Are you frustrated with your current hiring process? Do you find yourself sifting through stacks of resumes on your desk or hunting through your inbox looking for the right applicant? Do you wonder if there is an easier way? The entire aim and focus of the CENTROMAX e-testing system is to make your hiring process easier and to be your ally at every step. With employee turnover rates soaring and the expense of hiring and training employees skyrocketing, your company simply cannot afford to hire the wrong person. Our goal is to help your business increase profits while decreasing people costs by hiring right the first time. Using our easy-to-use online aptitude tests, our clients spend less money managing their hiring process and end up with better qualified new hires. Continue browsing to explore great and endless possibilities.

Cognitive Ability Test

Research shows a direct correlation between high cognitive ability and optimal job performance. Our Standardized Aptitude Test features validated questions to assess cognitive ability »

Motivation Test

Motivated employees are driven to invest high levels of time, energy, and attention in their work. CENTROMAX assesses candidates on 4 key types of motivation that are linked to higher job performance »

Personality Test

Evidence shows that across jobs, 2 key personality traits are consistently associated with performance. Our Aptitude Test scores candidates on these 2 important personality traits »

Judgment Test

There exists high correlation between situational judgment ability & optimal job performance. CENTROMAX uses evidence-based situational judgment quiz to score candidates on key judgment traits »


Candidate Takes Test Online

Once a prospective job candidate has booked the assessment test and made the one-time payment, he/she can take the test online and submit it for grading.

CENTROMAX Grades Test Instantly

As soon as a job candidate submits his/her test, our system will instantly grade it. Centromax will also generate a test Certificate and score report

Employer Gets Test Scores

Lastly, the applicant can send his/her test scores to the requesting employer or staffing firm to facilitate requirements of the hiring process.


CENTROMAX is for everyone. Several 100s of large and small organizations use our Standardized Aptitude Test to improve their hiring decisions. Meet a few of our customers, read their stories, and imagine what CENTROMAX can do for you :)

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Anyone who has tried to secure a job in today’s market knows that a dazzling CV and a compelling interview are simply not enough. Prospective job candidates are now faced with a rigorous assessment of their cognitive abilities, situational judgment, motivators and their personality in the form of aptitude test. Maximize your competitive advantage by taking this standardized test, which is now an integral part of the recruitment process today.