Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive ability is the most consistent predictor of performance in virtually all jobs. Research shows that high cognitive ability enables employees to learn more and learn faster, solve complex problems, and develop more efficient and effective working methods. Our Pre-Employment Test features validated questions to assess cognitive ability.

Cognitive Ability Predicts Performance. Research by CENTROMAX and other leading hiring experts shows a direct correlation between high cognitive ability and optimal job performance. On average, job applicants who score high on the CENTROMAX Pre-Employment Test generate 130% more annual revenue than those who score low

CENTROMAX Assesses 9 Traits, Not Just Cognitive Ability. Our Pre-Employment Test also assesses applicants on 8 other traits that are linked to higher job performance to give you a well rounded look at each applicant. To learn more about the 8 other traits that we assess, click the following categories: Motivation, Personality, and Situational Judgment.

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