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CENTR0MAX's Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) helps candidates find a job they love, and allows them to avoid jobs that will make them miserable. It analyses their abilities and personality in relation to the demands of a particular job. The test also helps employers understand what help employees might need to perform well, and how best to provide that help. Standardized Aptitude Test help candidates gain a real insight into their strengths, weaknesses, motivators and preferred working styles so they can make informed decisions about their career and their work life. People who love their jobs work harder and have happier, more satisfied lives. But when people are in jobs they hate, that stress or bore them, they put in less effort at work, and the dissatisfaction spills over into their life outside work.

Test at a Glance



The standardized aptitude test is made up of 25 multiple-choice, Yes/No, True/False questions. The test measures a wide range of a candidate's traitset.



Candidates have upto 45 minutes to complete the test. But most candidates complete within 30 minutes. Completion rate for the test is very high, 96% !



The Standardized Aptitude Test assesses job candidates on 9 important areas, including motivational, situational, cognitive, personality constructs etc ...



We've reduced the cost of the test, by 50%. Candidates now pay KES 1000. We observe prudency to ensure that candidates get value for their money.

Test Skillset

Cognitive Ability Test

Research shows a direct correlation between high cognitive ability and optimal job performance. The CENTR0MAX Aptitude Test features validated questions to assess cognitive ability »

Motivation Test

Motivated employees are driven to invest high levels of time and energy in their work. CENTR0MAX assesses candidates on 4 key types of motivation that are linked to higher job performance »

Personality Test

Evidence shows that across jobs, 2 key personality traits are consistently associated with performance. The CENTR0MAX Test scores candidates on these 2 important personality traits »

Situation Judgment Test

There exists high correlation between situational judgment ability & optimal job performance. CENTR0MAX uses evidence-based situational judgment quiz to score candidates on key traits »

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Anyone who has tried to secure a job in today’s market knows that a dazzling CV and a compelling interview are simply not enough. Candidates are now faced with a rigorous assessment of their abilities and their personality in the form of a Standardized Aptitude Test. Maximize your competitive advantage by taking this test, which is now an integral part of the recruitment process today.